Mailers Technical Advisory Committee Meetings

Next week I will be attending MTAC meetings in Washington DC. I’ll be posting some blogs on what I learn and what I hear regarding Postal Service trends and future plans that affect mailers. Window Book is your representative at these meetings, be sure to drop me a note if there is any information I can retrieve specifically, or any postal issues you might want reviewed.

What is MTAC?

MTAC is an acronym for the United States Postal Service Mailers Technical Advisory Committee. MTAC is a venue for the USPS to share and disseminate technical information with mailers. It is also a forum for mailers to make recommendations and advise the USPS on matters concerning mailing-related products and services, in order to enhance customer value and expand the use of these tools for mutual benefit.

Who is MTAC?

Membership and participation on MTAC committees are comprised of mailing associations and organizations related to the Mailing Industry. The member group reflects all facets of the mailing community. MTAC Meetings are held quarterly.

Window Book, MTAC, and You

WBI has been an active participant in MTAC meetings, and on MTAC Committees such as the PostalOne! Group, and the Streamlining Verification group. Participation and networking at MTAC meetings gives Mailing Products Users an inside track as to what is coming down the road from the USPS. Open lines of communications both ways help facilitate dealings with the USPS. Window Book represents our own mailing family of users at these high level meetings. I will be attending MTAC quarterly metings next week in Washington DC. Watch for a blog post with notes from the February MTAC meetings.

For more information on MTAC, visit the USPS MTAC website here

Best wishes,

Lisa Bowes