Software Updates

There have been some questions about the frequency of updates for the mailing products that I would like to address here. The driving factor behind the Mailing Products update schedule is always conformance to USPS requirements. Recently the USPS has begun to update their Drop Ship database on a weekly basis. The Drop Ship information contained in this database consists of critical Drop Ship Delivery Point information necessary in order to send the truckloads of mail to the correct USPS dock in order to retain your Drop Ship discounts. Mailing Products customers that are Drop Ship Mailers (those producing 8125 forms, even occasionally) will need to update their Mailing Products software on a weekly basis in order to get the latest USPS information. This update is OPTIONAL, based on your specific mailing needs. Personally, I advise you to schedule and run an update weekly. The latest version of the software has a new messaging feature that will notify you that an update has been posted and is available.

For everyone else, program updates will continue as always. Scheduled Mandatory Program updates for all users in 2006 will take place as follows:

May Release – will need to be run by 5/31/2006
August Release – will need to be run by 8/31/2006
November Release – will need to be run by 11/30/2006

All Mailing Products may also have a Mandatory Update as dictated by USPS requirements changes such as forms or rate changes, while DAT-MAIL customers may also have a Mandatory Update outside of this schedule based on required Mail.dat specification changes.

It is always our goal to minimize the impact of updating on our customers. The Programming Team is in constant development to fine-tune and improve upon each update. The new messaging system was designed to greatly speed and enhance pertinent communications out to our users. We remain committed to keeping you updated-easily!

Stop back next week for a series of important notes from the Mailer’s Technical Advisory Committee meetings that affect all mailers…

Best wishes,