MTAC – Rumors and Truths about DAT-MAIL

During MTAC Week at USPS Headquarters there are many chances to network and excahnge information with other attendees. I had the opportunity last week to speak to a great many of our current customers as well as other mailers in the industry, and was taken aback by some of the misinformation that is proliferating regarding DAT-MAIL. Please, if some unscrupulous software vendor is giving you “facts” about DAT-MAIL, check them out with us in order to confirm the information you are being given!

Yes, DAT-MAIL can edit Mail.dat files!

Yes, DAT-MAIL can handle commingle, co-palletization, and co-mailings!

Yes, DAT-MAIL supports PostalOne! via Mail.dat files, PostalOne Web Services, as well as FAST Web Services!

Yes, DAT-MAIL gives you the ability to edit your Pallet Placards and Sack/Tray Tags!

Furthermore, DAT-MAIL is the ONLY statement management system that supports both Mail.dat and non-Mail.dat data entry. That is a fact.

It makes me wonder about vendors who are so insecure about the merits of their own product that they feel a need to fabricate information about DAT-MAIL in order to close sales, regardless of the sacrifice to their integrity. Although busy customers (who expect and deserve honest and reliable information from their vendors) may be fooled the first time, most customers are not easy to fool twice. Once the facts are confirmed, folks need to ask themselves if they want to do business with a company that falsifies information regarding the competition. The truth might not always be what my clients and prospects want to hear, and it is not always easy to give people information that may disqualify them from being able to use our products. However, I have a higher responsibility to do the right thing and respect my peers enough to provide them with the most accurate, clear, and completely truthful information possible.

Be sure to get the facts before you get taken in.

Best wishes,