News Readers/Subscribing to this blog

For those of you who would like to “subscribe” to my blog so that you are alerted to the news as it is posted, you can use a news reader plus the little orange “XML” button at the top of the Mailing Products blog to keep on top of things. Just let me know if you need any assistance.

If you are new to News Readers/Aggregators, there is a really good page with information and advice on the different types of readers at Wikipedia, link below:
”Aggregators reduce the time and effort needed to regularly check websites of interest for updates, creating a unique information space or “personal newspaper.” An aggregator is able to subscribe to a feed, check for new content at user-determined intervals, and retrieve the content. The content is sometimes described as being “pulled” to the subscriber, as opposed to “pushed” with email or IM. Unlike recipients of some “pushed” information, the aggregator user can easily unsubscribe from a feed.

Aggregator features are gradually being built into portal sites such as My Yahoo! and Google, Web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, e-mail programs like Microsoft Outlook, and other applications, including Apple’s iTunes, which serves as a podcast aggregator.

The aggregator provides a consolidated view of the content in a single browser display or desktop application. Such applications are also referred to as RSS readers, feed readers, feed aggregators or news readers, although in Internet communication, the latter term was first used for programs that read Usenet newsgroups.”

I use my Yahoo! Portal to read my subscriptions on various subjects. I like the fact that I can add content applicable specifically to me, and access it all in one place. Where else can you get a daily newspaper with USPS Info, Mailing Industry News, Stocks and Financials, Music and Concerts (specific to my area and my favorites), Football News (Chicago Bears specific), and daily advice on raising teenagers – all in one place?

Our Director of Technology, Ross Santos, uses something called NewsGator Ross likes the Outlook integration offered by NewsGator.

Whether you choose to come up to the Window Book site regularly, or to use a Reader to access, I hope you will become regular readers of my blog.

Best wishes,