Presort and Post Presort

Lots of questions and confusion out there as to what is Presort Software vs Post Presort software. Here is a brief summary of just some of the differences between Presort and Post-Presort software, and how they work together…

PRESORT software – the focus is on ADDRESSES:

  • Address verification
  • Address management (Move updates, Address Correction Service, etc.)
  • Address standardization
  • Application of USPS regulations to sort
  • Address de-dupe (remove duplicates)
  • Sortation level qualification of mail (carrier route, etc.)
  • Presort mailing data output to Mail.dat format

DAT-MAIL never touches address data – only the mailing data

Benefits that cannot be achieved with Presort Software alone:

  • Utilize presort Mail.dat output
  • Mailing statement creation/retention flexibility
  • Mailing-specific paperwork (matching each day’s mailing)
  • Ability to update piece weight and ad percentage as final
  • Transportation and Drop Ship discount optimization (without changing production values or “breaking” the original presort)
  • Simplified mail verification and acceptance by the USPS (with many options)
  • Enhanced relationship with USPS (standardized documentation)
  • USPS optional service add ons (Manifest Mailing, Confirm, FAST, PostalOne!)
  • Gold mine of retained mailing data for reporting, both internal and external
  • Sophisticated Postage Accounting options
  • “Bridge” to communicate with current/future internal systems (Business Management system interfaces, ODBC connect)
    All of these items listed above can be achieved by using DAT-MAIL in conjunction with your presort software.