New forms today – 3602-C


Today’s Public Release of DAT MAIL and Post Master will have new 3602-C Consolidated forms. The USPS released these forms in January, they are listed as:

Postage Statement – Consolidated – Supplement Standard Mail and Nonprofit Standard Mail (for all PVDS) (1/2006)

DAT-MAIL and Post Master users will start using these forms immediately, automatic based on mailing date. The new 3602-C will print with Consolidated Statements that have a Mail Date of 1/8/06 and greater. No settings need to be changed.

There is more information in our Knowledge Base, Answer ID#1288. There are changes (mandated by the USPS) to the “look” of the form, you can take a look at an actual form at this Knowledge Base Answer #1288. No information has been eliminated from the new forms, just rearranged.

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