New USPS Drop Shipping Terms

END Evolutionary Network Development: project to overhaul USPS network, eliminate excess capacity, and modernize its processing plants, and generally “end”-up with a more efficient way to move mail. The processing focus is being shifted from the current rate-based set up, to a better shape-based network.

RDC Regional Distribution Centers: volume facilities to move the mail – as pallets, bundles, or individual parcels – to other RDCs and the DPCs in their respective service areas.

Equipment upgrades and retrofitting will enable BMC and about 50 other processing facilities to be reborn as RDCs

LPC Local Processing Centers: Will perform origin processing of individual letters and flats, but those designated as DPCs will also process destinating letter- and flat-size mail.

DPC Destinating Processing Center: Processes destinating letter- and flat-size mail.

RDCs, DPCs, and LPCs will handle mail based more on its shape rather than its class

DDUs will not be affected by this plan

HASPs, SCFs, PMPCs, P&DCs, or other alphabetic titles will become LPCs or DPCs. LPCs will perform origin processing of individual letters and flats, with those designated as DPCs also processing destinating letter- and flat-size mail.
Mailers will need to support this transformation, however difficult the growing pains may be, in order for the USPS to hold down costs and in turn keep rate increases to a minimum. There is a lot of opposition from local processing plants slated for closure, and the process is going to be a long one. As long as the changes do not affect service adversely, Mailers and the USPS need to work together in order for this process to be a successful one in the end.

Lots more on this in days to come, that is certain!

Best wishes,Lisa