Fighting USPS Network Consolidation

The American Postal Workers Union announced in a recent news release that they will launch an advertising campaign to make the public aware of the potential for USPS service deterioration as a result of planned network realignment.

The APWU President, William Burrus, was quoted as saying:

“It is the result of pressure on the USPS by the mailing industry, which is seeking to reduce its costs at the expense of all others.”

“The Evolutionary Network Development plan is a stunning example of a dangerous trend within the USPS. Instead of serving the nation’s citizens, postal management now places primary importance on acting as a conduit for the major mailers to transmit advertising.”

The Union is collecting a dues fee from its members in order to finance the advertising campaign.

For the complete press release, see

Also from the APWU website, the latest consolidation list, very interesting:

The realignment plan is shaping up to be a long, drawn out, and painful process. We will be working hard in the coming months to minimize the impact on our mailing software users.

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