USPS Board of Governors Meeting

Repositionable Notes (“yellow stickies”) are sticky notes that can be strategically placed on the outside of envelopes, catalogs, etc. They usually indicate a special offer, and can be used by the recipient to mark something with the stickie within the letter or catalog. Response rates are supposed to be increased by the use of this eye-catching marketing tool.

RPNs are allowed on all letter- and flat-sized mail sent at discount First-Class, Standard and Periodicals rates. The added rate for RPN-bearing mail is 0.5 cents for First-Class pieces and 1.5 cents for Standard and Periodicals pieces.

The filing extends RPN provisional service through April 3, 2007. RPN rate categories and form types are fully supported by our mailing products.

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PS There is a good article with more detailed information on this extension in Direct Marketing News, here