8125-C Drop Ship Clearance Forms

After April 20, 2006, mailers must use the January 2006 version of the 8125-C forms. Older versions of this form will no longer be accepted after this deadline. We implemented this form into all our Mailing Products already, so the deadline is a no-brainer (no worries!) for our mailing product users.

On a related subject–I like to refer to the revised October 2005 regular 8125 as the Window Book 8125 form. The October revision was inspired by one of the members of our programming team, Jeff B. Jeff was in charge of implementing changes to the form, and discovered that the USPS version of the form had a flaw that would adversely affect our USPS Confirm Service customers–namely, the USPS had designed the box for the Confirm barcode on the 8125 form about ¼” too small for the required barcode to fit into! We contacted the USPS National Customer Service Center, who immediately took action on our feedback – hence the October 2005 revision of the regular 8125 form.

Sometimes we know mailing statements even better than the USPS!

Best wishes for a great week ahead,