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Per Post Master General Jack Potter, who gave an address at the Forum, the USPS could file for a rate increase as soon as this month. The increase as a result of this filing would take effect in 2007.

END Program
Potter also commented on the Drop Ship Network redesign, as resulting in a “leaner network”, with fewer places for mailers and consolidators to drop mailings in order to qualify for workshare discounts.

4-state Barcode Services
Q & A

Q What is the 4 state Barcode(Confirm)?
Answer: The name 4-state barcode refers to the make up of the code itself, the positions of the bars: long, short, up, down.

Q What is the USPS Implementation date?
Answer: September 1, 2006 implementation for OncCode Confrim Service for both 1st class and Standard Mail. ACS Address Correction Service will be available for letters at that time, with other classes to be rolled out later.

Q Advantages for mailers?
Answer: Mailers can track more pieces with a unique identifier. about 1 billion unique tracking digits on outbound compared to nearly 1 million with PLANET Code.
Reduced label ink costs
More space on the mailpiece

Q Is this required for Confirm subscribers?
Answer: NO. The 4-state barcode is entirely optional, and both types of barcodes will be supported by the USPS.

Q How do I convert my current Confirm service to 4-state with the USPS?
Answer: Contact the USPS NCSC (800-238-3150). Existing subscribers will be able to use their current subscriber ID, preceded by a “0”.