DAT-MAIL Support for Mail.dat 05-2 Ready to Go

Our latest version of DAT-MAIL 05.05.xx.xx will be posted today for downloading in order to enable users to begin transitioning to the new Mail.dat 05-2 specification. From the IDEAlliance Mail.dat site:


Mail.dat 05-2 Implementation Information

The following conditions will apply to this Mail.dat Version Change:

  • Mail.dat, when updated with the described values and fields will constitute Mail.dat Version 05-2
  • Mail.dat 05-2 will be implemented with the following transition window:

    • Mail preparer May Start (Users Must be Able To Catch) using Mail.dat 05-2 on April 10, 2006
    • Mail preparer Must Start (Must Send) using Mail.dat 05-2 on May 8, 2006.

  • PostalOne! will have a release accommodating all Mail.dat 05-2 changes on April 9, 2006.
  • USPS Mailing Standards will write the final rule for the “250 pound pallet requirement” with an Must Comply date of May 11, 2006.
  • All other emerging USPS prep changes will have a Must Comply date later than May 8, 2006.

We make it easy for DAT-MAIL users to choose the timing of their update based on their own transition to the new Mail.dat file specification. Both the “old” version of DAT-MAIL 05.04.xx.xx and the ‘new” version of DAT-MAIL 05.05.xx.xx will be publicly posted and available for downloading for the next few weeks.

There is some important information to consider prior to updating –

DAT-MAIL only supports IDEAlliance Mail.dat conformance testing for one Mail.dat file specification at a time. Once you update to DAT-MAIL 05.05.xx.xx, you will only be able to conformance test and validate 05-2 Mail.dat files. Any previous file format will still work, but will be automatically updated to 05-2 Mail.dat file spec, and will not be validated.

In addition, any previously-imported Mail.dat files that already exist when you update to DM 05.05.xx.xx will automatically convert to the new 05-2 specification when you open them.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new Mail.dat file specifications, please contact support, or email me directly at lbowes@windowbook.com.

Best wishes!