USPS and Congress

At the end of March a letter was sent from four members of Congress to the Government Accountability Office regarding the USPS Evolutionary Network Development drop ship redesign plans, voicing their concerns.
Senator Joe Lieberman happens to be from my home state of CT, so I also saw local coverage of this letter.
Directly from the letter, some of the very specific questions they are asking the Postal Service to answer:

  • What criteria is USPS using to analyze and evaluate these plants?
  • How does it plan to communicate these criteria to affected parties?
  • How does USPS’s overcall communication strategy target the appropriate affected parties and does it provide sufficient information throughout the process?
  • How does USPS plan to measure the effects of realignment including costs incurred and savings realized?

As the ball gets rolling on the realignment plan, it is a good thing that the USPS is being carefully watched and questioned, as the plans they have will have a major affect on all mailers.

Best wishes for a great week!