More Rate Details

Overall average percent increases:

7.1% First-Class Mail
9.0% Standard Mail
11.7% Periodicals (24.2% for In County and
11.4% Ouside County)
13.8% Priority Mail
12.5% Express Mail
13.4% Package Servies
11.2% Special Services

Changes are proposed for USPS Confirm users, eliminating the per scan pricing. There will be a more tiered approach to pricing, with an initial start up registration cost, and lower pricing based on the amount of total scans purchased over all orders.

The imporatance of Drop Ship Discounts and solid 8125 and FAST capabilities (like the capabilities in DAT-MAIL) are going to become even more important in mitigating the increases. Drop ship discounts are to be increased as well, and enhanced in different categories such as Standard and Periodicals.

Thanks to PostCom for their first rate coverage and for proiding these details for me to pass along to our mailing partners!

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