May MTAC Notes, First of Several

New FAST Destination Point discount subsystem

DEPS Drop Ship Entry Point System – implementation June 4th

Through the new DEPS subsystem of FAST, the USPS will be able to provide mailers and USPS personnel with advance notification (including start and end dates) for drop ship entry point changes, including redirection of drop ship entry points to annexes or alternate processing facilities as the USPS moves forward with plant consolidations as part of its network redesign.

Drop Ship Product cd discontinued as of July 2006

We’ve been using the FAST information files in anticipation of this move since December 2005, so our transition will be a smooth one. Accurate destination information will be even more critical than today. Our Mailing Product users will have no worries, and can in fact look forward to better data management at the USPS source, which will translate into great results. Misdirected destination entry mail may well be a thing of the past – very soon!

Lots more news from MTAC to come this week, check back often!

Best wishes,