Mail.dat Expertise

As many of you know, First Logic was recently bought by Business Objects. When this transition was announced, I had expressed my opinion here at the Mailing Products Blog that Business Objects would tighten their focus, and concentrate on addressing and address data services. That premonition came true this past week, as First Logic/Business Objects Postsort.dat and Postsort.dat Planner Users received letters regarding the termination of both of these products.

Mail.dat, however, is not going away – not now, nor in the future. Use of the industry standard for electronic USPS mail communications is growing, and will continue to do so. Mail.dat is the ONLY electronic format accepted by the USPS, and the USPS is committed to using Mail.dat to make mailing easier. DAT-MAIL users are happy and pleased that they made the right choice for their post pre-sort mail processing and management. DAT-MAIL has evolved over many years to become the premiere Mail.dat solution.

Postsort.dat users exploring replacement options will be well taken care of here at Window Book. New users looking to capitalize on the power of Mail.dat will also find a comfort level here unparalleled in the industry. The time to invest in the future of Mail.dat is now, and the experts you can count on are right here. We look forward to being the top Mail.dat service provider for a long time to come.

Best wishes,