Happy 4th of July!

Having been in the Mailing industry for over 20 years, I can remember the “summer slowdown” lasting a couple of months – mid June to mid August. Lately, however, it seems like summer lasts about a week and a half! Many mailers are off next week, celebrating the July 4th holiday, but every indication is that the busy fall mailing season will start up right after the holiday week. It is difficult to think about back-to-school sales already, but the local Wal-Mart is already stocking up. With the rate increase coming next spring, I have a feeling this is going to be one very busy fall and winter!

Now is the time to get all your systems in order and ready to handle the volume and the USPS requirements, a moving target at best. New rates, form changes, and drop ship data are no worry for our mailing software customers. I am planning to be on vacation the first week of August, so if you would like to consult with me on your systems, July will be prime time to do so!

Best wishes for a GREAT July 4th!