Last week was a short holiday week, which for some reason always seems to be LONGER, even though you have a weekday off. Please forgive me for the lack of blogs last week, vacation season is in full swing, and time needed to be reallocated to cover some of my coworkers out on much deserved vacations. They will, in turn, be covering me when I am out the first week of August. Everybody needs a vacation to recharge their batteries.

When I was out in the field as a Mailing Manager, one of the things I liked best about using DAT-MAIL was the ability of folks covering vacations to easily pick up the skills needed to cover mailings for a week or two. No extensive training is required in order to do the basic tasks needed to keep things running smoothly when key people are out on vacation, or unexpectedly.

Hope you are all able to take some worry free vacation time, or even a couple of days off, this summer season!

Best wishes,