The right choice in Mail.dat tools

As a former user of Mail.dat solutions out in the industry, I have a unique perspective and manufacturing history to draw from. I used DAT MAIL out in the mailing arena, as a mailer, for many years. With Business Objects (formerly First Logic) deciding to phase out their Mail.dat products in order to focus on addressing and presort, the industry choices are down to two major players in the Mail.dat arena, Window Book DAT-MAIL solutions, and Monticello software.

Recent feedback that I have gotten from our loyal customers and new prospects has left me uneasy, and I want to address some of the issues here. Continued misinformation regarding our capabilities and software solution offerings keep proliferating. It is imperative that current and future Mail.dat users do the research, make comparisons, and get the true facts before making a commitment. Ask questions! Do not take it for granted that the information our competition is providing regarding our software is the correct information.

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a Mail.dat software tool is the fact that here at Window Book, subscribers are able to take advantage of our experience and SERVICE along with our actual software. According to information posted at Hoovers/Dun & Bradstreet, Monticello has a company roster showing a total of 6 people on staff. Window Book is listed with a staff of 29 people, and we are always expanding. We have the best support team in the business. We have a fully staffed and experienced programming and development team, keeping up with USPS and customer requirements quickly and easily. We have a great sales team of professionals who can offer mailers industry insight and advice. We are active in many USPS committees and other USPS initiatives and events. We have been working with Mail.dat for many years, always with an eye to the future. We plan to be around for a long time to come, providing mailers with the solutions they require.

In the past, we have not actively sought out current Monticello users for conversion to DAT-MAIL, but that is changing. Whether you are a long-term or short-term Monticello user, now is the time to take a hard look at what you have, and what you will need in the future. When the facts are laid out, and the functionality and services offered are compared head to head, DAT-MAIL is the clear and easy choice for current use and future growth. Too many people are making their decisions based on incomplete information, misleading information, drastic reductions in pricing, etc. Mailers have a tough enough time with all of the decisions they face on a daily basis without having to wade through muck to get the facts they need. Compare! Look at the information presented at our website; look at our competitor’s website information. We have nothing to hide or keep secret.

As you can tell, I am passionate about this subject. So passionate, in fact, that I joined Window Book six years ago after the company I worked for made the misguided decision to switch to Monticello! I have seen both products, I know users of both products, and I sincerely believe in DAT-MAIL. If you have looked at DAT-MAIL in the past, take another look. We are better, stronger, faster, and easier to use than ever. Don’t be fooled.

Best wishes!