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The United States Postal Service® will soon begin allowing use of the 4-State Customer Barcode — the next generation of barcode technology used to sort, track, and request special services. This multi-functional barcode will be available for use on Confirm® service letter mail beginning September 1. The new option for using the 4-State Customer Barcode for Confirm service is called OneCode Confirm(TM). PLANET Code capability will continue to be offered as part of the Confirm service.

The Confirm website can be found here
For 4-State Customer Barcode web information, please visit

Per the USPS, current Confirm subscribers who want to use the 4-State Customer Barcode for Confirm mail, these steps must be taken:

1. Prepare and Submit Sample Mailpieces with the 4-State Customer Barcode: Confirm subscriber must prepare and submit 20 sample mailpieces containing the 4-State Customer Barcode. This will serve as notification to USPS to prepare subscriber’s account to accommodate OneCode Confirm data transmission. Hardcopy samples must be forwarded to Confirm Customer Support at:

MEMPHIS TN 38188-0001

For questions and follow-up, call Confirm Customer Assistance at 800-238-3150.

2. Receive Verification of Barcode Compliance and Final Approval: Confirm subscriber must receive verification from the USPS that sample mailpieces are compliant with specifications. Confirm Customer Assistance will work with the subscriber to help correct barcode and mailpiece problems. Upon final approval of samples, Confirm Customer Assistance will confirm with subscriber that they are setup and ready to mail OneCode Confirm mail.

Contact the USPS at 800-238-3150 if you have any questions or need further assistance.

DAT-MAIL and Post Master Confirm Module subscribers already have the programming necessary included within their programs that will enable you to use the data from the 4-State barcode when uploading information to the USPS. No action needs to be taken, the program will recognize either old Confirm data or new Confirm data, and upload aaccordingly.

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