Great Information Sources: MFSA

MFSA is the national trade association for the mailing and fulfillment services industry.
MFSA provides instant, accurate postal information and commentary, networking opportunities, and a host of other industry applicable services. More than 700 companies, both mailers and mail product vendors, participate.

Today I received the MFSA Postal Points Newsletter, which prompted me to write this blog. So many of the topics covered in this edition affect our software and service to our clients, having them all summarized in one place is extremely valuable. Information in this issue included 4-State Barcode details, Postal Bulletin change summaries, an events calendar, and information on the END program that is critical for drop ship mailers.

The other service which I have just recently (better late then never!) discovered is the MFSA ListServ group. This is an opt-in mailing list of participants collaborating to share best practices, referrals, and problem solving capabilities only a collective group can accomplish. I am amazed at the exchange of ideas and information that takes place through this information exchanged on this list.

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