Need Your Input – Urgently! – DMU and BMEU Stories

Please review the email below that I recieved today from Leo Raymond at MFSA. I immediately asked for permission to reprint here, as your input is badly needed. I have heard many stories of inconsistancies and miscommunications taking place between USPS Headquarters and the local folks in the trenches. With new programs like PostalOne! and FAST in the mix, the result is that different directives are given to you, our mailing partners, quite often. Please help by telling your stories!


If you’ve had problems with your DMU or BMEU, here’s your chance to help improve the situation.

Postal inconsistency has been a problem in the past and, despite steps taken in recent years, has become a greater problem in recent months. It’s been the focus of conversation at MFSA’s annual conference, a topic (raised by MFSA) at MTAC, and an issue explored at length in Postal Points.

MFSA’s comments about inconsistency in the mail verification and acceptance processes have succeeded in calling the Postal Service’s attention to the problem. Though the responsible managers have been working for some time to improve those processes, they’ve met resistance both internally at USPS HQ and from field managers. Accordingly, we’ve been asked to provide examples of inconsistency to help them help us – to make their case for more training, employee performance evaluation, and process reviews.

So, if you’ve had situations in which your DMU or BMEU has failed to correctly apply or perform the established mail verification and acceptance procedures (whether with MERLIN or other activities), failed to demonstrate awareness or understanding of the applicable standards and processes, or was inconsistent in applying or interpreting DMM standards, it’s important that you send me a detailed and specific report.

I need all the details you can provide if we’re to enable USPS managers to understand the deficiencies being reported, where they occurred, and what needs to be done to prevent their recurrence. And I need this information as soon as possible; email is fine as are attachments.

I cannot overstate the importance that every member use this occasion to take constructive action that can make a difference. Our complaints have been heard; now is the time for us to back up our complaints with detailed information.

We realize that many of you may be concerned about reprisals if you’re known to be the source of a complaint. If you’d prefer to not have your company identified in whatever is passed to the Postal Service, please so state in what you send me. However, if we are to improve DMU/BMEU performance, we need to accept the inherent risks in pointing out deficiencies, and act accordingly.

Frankly, inaction at this time is the same as accepting the situation you have, so the choice is yours.


In order to expedite things, please send your examples directly to Leo Raymond Please cc me at so I can review as well.

It is imperative that we help MFSA to help us create a better Postal Service for all.

Have a great weekend!