USPS PostalOne! Information

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On the benefits of participation in PostalOne!:

  • Automated scheduling services for drop shipment mailings
  • Electronic documentation and postage statements
  • Simplified mail acceptance, verification and payment processes
  • Reduced hardcopy paperwork and handling costs
  • Increased operations efficiency with the mail induction process
  • Improved access to mailing information and job tracking
  • Enhanced account management capability
  • Online mailing irregularity reporting
  • Transportation Management System
  • Access to FAST (Facility Access & Shipment Tracking system) to plan and schedule drop ship mailings.

>>>>Let your PostalOne! USPS Representatives know you are using DAT-MAIL to produce your upload files.

>>>>Keep this contact info handy:
Contact the PostalOne! Customer Care Center at
(800) 522-9085 or at

All you need to get started is…

  • Required by USPS:
    • Mail.dat files
    • Internet Access
  • Required by DAT-MAIL Users:
    • A special registration code, contact your sales rep, or if you don’t know who your rep is, and we will get a code out to you. The code will enable you to access PostalOne! in DAT-MAIL.

Get Started Online Here:

Let me know how you are making out with PostalOne!

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