PCC Postal Customer Council

Yesterday I attended our local CT PCC’s Fall Vendor show, which was scheduled around a live satellite broadcast of Postmaster General Jack Potter addressing the PCC Event in Dallas, TX. 200 local PCC’s across the country held Vendor Shows and educational sessions and participated in viewing the broadcast.

Key items from the Postmaster’s speech:

  • A new pub, The “PCC Insider”
  • A new pub “Mail Pro,”
    • Replaces the current “Memo to Mailers” and “Mailer’s Companion”

  • Add new content for a single resource
  • Early March decision from the PRC
  • proposed R2006 implementing rules published in the Federal Register next week
  • possible implementation on May 6

The most unsettling news is the 60 day time frame for implementation. It was addressed in the speech, however, he said, such a decision will be up to the Governors and that the state of USPS finances at the time. It seems we will be in for a busy Spring mailing season. Hopefully the details in the Federal Register next week will help clarify many of the questions mailers have about preparation requirements. Stay tuned.

Best wishes,

PS I recommend that all mailers get involved with their local Postal Customer Council. We attended several informative educational sessions for which Certification was offered at the CT Event.

Check out this very helpful web portal offered by the USPS http://www.usps.com/nationalpcc/ to learn more and get started!