Postal News

It was a busy week at the USPS! Here are some of the items you need to be aware of:

  • The big news – Rate Case Mailing Standards Published
    • R2006 Rate Changes
    • Proposed Mailing Standards
    • Details in the Federal Register
  • Consolidation Opposition
    • Postal Union President letters to Congress
    • Opposition Picketing Day 10/26
  • Timeline Concerns
    • Final PRC ruling early March
    • Proposed implementation May 6, 2007

The biggest concern for us is the timeline – the entire mailing industry has been very vocal in requesting 120 days, minimum. The changes outlined in the Federal Register are extensive. New classifications, rates, drop-ship requirements – these will take more time than is currently proposed, in order to implement and test with any degree of quality.

To access the full Federal Register with all the details, go to the USPS RIBS site here:

and click on Federal Register Notices in the list on the left.

Have a great week!