DEPS Drop Ship Entry Point System

In the coming week, new versions of your DAT-MAIL, Drop Ship IT, Post Master, will incorporate new information from the USPS regarding destinations for your drop ship mailings. As the USPS rolls out END (Evolutionary Network Development), there will be redirections for where you will need to be entering your drop ship discounted mail. Watch fro communications via email and via your program’s messaging system telling you when this will be available.

In the meantime, be sure to go up to view this .pdf regarding the changes, complete with screen shots of what the program changes look like:

Here is a little taste of what you will find in that doc:

What Is DEPS?

The USPS has released a new component of FAST (Facility Access and Shipment Tracking) called DEPS (Drop Entry Point System). DEPS replaces an existing USPS application called Drop Ship Web, which was used to manage drop shipment redirections at the 3-digit ZIP Code, 5-digit ZIP Code and 5-digit ZIP Code + Carrier Route ID level.

DEPS introduces the ability to redirect mail to multiple destinations and to choose the duration of those redirections.

The following changes are introduced:

• will include any redirections that are current or slated to begin in the future
• will include multiple redirections per CIN, ZIP, CRID, Discount and Pallet Code
• will include NASS Code for each facility when available

The MAIL DIRECTION file has been created to replace the existing DROP SHIP ZIP CIN file as the source for default drop points and redirection information. The new MAIL DIRECTION file will introduce Mail Class and Mail Shape instead of CINs to better align with mail class/mail shape-based redirections that will be incorporated into the Drop Entry Point System. The MAIL DIRECTION file also introduces the concept of effective dates and grace periods. Effective dates make it possible to create redirections in the future.

Updating Your Destination Data

Each week, Window Book processes the updated Destination Data provided by the USPS, making it available for download to update your DAT-MAIL and Post Master programs. The messaging system which has been incorporated into both programs will alert you when the new data has become available.

We recommend that Drop Ship Mailers plan to download and update on a weekly basis, either on Monday nights or Tuesday mornings, in order to always have the latest Drop Ship information.

Updates are available at by clicking on the Software Updates icon in order to access the applicable update for your program.

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