Mailer’s technical Advisory Committee Meetings

MTAC Workgroups I am participating in:

  • WG#93 Design and Concept Testing
  • WG#106 Drop Ship Data
  • WG#111 PostalOne! User Group

General Sessions:

USPS Financial Update – This presentation indices that the rate case schedule will be final rulings in March, implementation. The USPS does not seem to want to budge on this, despite all of the lobbying the industry has done. It was stated that the USPS would lose $450 million dollars each month the rate case implementation is delayed. For more details, see the DM News link at the bottom of this post.

Update on Proposed Prices and Standards – There was a lot of discussion about the definition of a Non-Machinable Flats; the droop test and droop meters (if you don’t know what that is, ask me); and discussion on the container charge for Periodicals.

Assorted presentations:
Postal Inspection Service

International Mailers Advisory Group, a new association
USPS air contract with UPS
CASS with Delivery Point Validation
Periodical Publishers Association

Workgroup presentations:

  • #101 – Flats Sequencing System – this will affect presort vendors
  • #109 Seamless Acceptance
  • #111 PostalOne
  • #102 Advanced Notification
  • #100 Seamless Acceptances for MLOCR
  • #93 Streamline Verification
  • #99 Streamline Acceptance of Periodicals
  • #105 Emergency Preparedness
  • #104 List Certification
  • #106 Drop Ship Data
  • #107 FAST
  • #108 MTE Forecasting and Tracking
  • #96 AFSM 100 Automated Induction
  • #95 FAST
  • #87 Improving the Drop Ship Process

If you would like more information on any of the topics listed above, feel free to contact me directly.

Great MTAC Articles from DM News:

Delaying rate case costs USPS $450 million each month, speaker says

USPS encourages mailers to use electronic documentation

USPS reiterates CASS/DPV plan

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