Weight Verification Mailers

DAT-MAIL Prospects (and even current users), are you aware of the USPS Weight Verification Tools included with DAT-MAIL? Saving time, while still maintaining a high level of accuracy is easy to accomplish. Our system allows users to hook up to the mailing scale. It weighs each pallet, calculates the number of pieces by weight then reconciles these counts back to the postage statement. If the counts are within 1%, it prints a Verification Report for your USPS Verification Clerk. If the counts are not within 1%, you have the ability to edit and adjust your statement accordingly, and then reprint the updated Verification Report. Your verification report allows the postal service to quickly duplicate your calculations, greatly speeding mail acceptance.

During the holiday mailing season, any efficiency gains reflect straight to your bottom line. For more details on Weight Verification for DAT-MAIL, check out the User Guide section listed under Utilities and Special Tools. There is no special key or access needed to use these tools.

Best wishes,