Intelligent Mail

There is a good article on USPS intelligent mail from today’s Direct Mail News:

“The U.S. Postal Service said its Intelligent Mail program-which provides end-to-end visibility and a seamless process for mail acceptance and delivery using standardized intelligent barcodes, continuous mail tracking, and mail quality feedback in real-time–will be fully operational for all commercial mailers by 2009.

Intelligent Mail products and services use machine readable codes, such as barcodes, to uniquely identify letters and flats mail, which enables large mailers to follow the progress of their mail through the many stages of processing all the way to delivery. This information can help businesses better manage their resources, reduce operating and marketing expenses, adapt to market conditions, increase efficiencies and be more responsive to customers.”

Click here to access the full article. We’ll be hearing a lot more about intelligent mail initiatives such as Confirm Service, OneCode Vision, and address quality over the next two years. Mailers need to get involved and be informed right from the get-go

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