National Postal Forum

One of the best things about having the opportunity to go to the National Postal Forum is that you get to meet folks you work with, and folks in the industry and Postal Service that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.  I think this opportunity made it possible to clear up a misunderstanding regarding Mail.dat products on the market. 

It seems that there has been some confusion regarding all the similarly-named products, and that is where the misunderstanding came about.  Let me clarify

Business Objects’ Entry Planner, aka Postsort.dat or Postsort.dat Manager products were phased out by that company at the end of last year.  Since Business Objects is also known  as FirstLogic and PostalSoft, there seemed to still be some question out there. 

I had the opportunity to talk with a collegue about this, and this confusion may be what led to the report of competitive tales that were actually misunderstood.  I am glad NPF networking made it possible to clear that up with face-to-face communication.