Mail.dat 07-1 Support

The latest version of DAT MAIL will now allow users to import both 05-2 and 07-1 Mail.dat files.  07-1 Mail.dat files will be rquired in order to access the new postal rates.  The week of 4/23, we plan to release the new postage statements as well.  At that time, the date of mailing entered controls which set of rate tables and which postage statements are to be applied to a particular mailing. 

PostalOne users need to time their update to the 07-1 version carefully.  The latest version of DAT-MAIL will import and export Mail.dat files in 07-1 format for all mail except Periodicals.  PostalOne can only accept current rates in 05-2 format, and new rates in 07-1 format.  Current rate PostalOne users will need to upload via the 05-2 Mail.dat format. 

Please contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns regarding the new Mail.dat file specifications.

Best wishes,
Lisa Bowes