42 Days

Yesterday we finally got samples of the required Qualification Reporting formats for the new Periodicals mailings.  There are two new reports to support the container charges of the new rates, a Bundle Report and a Container Report.  I have t compliment the USPS PAVE (Presort Accuracy Validation and Evaluations) Team for getting the info out as soon as they possibly could, and for keeping the lines of communication open with vendors.

However, the mailing public needs to take a hard look at the time frame, and make their voices heard through industry channels such as Postcom.  As a mailing software vendor, we now have a total of 42 days to interpret preparation rules, program, test, educate, and distribute major changes to out customers.  The industry as a whole had begged for at least 180 days, minimum.  The compressed time frame puts a heavy burden on dedicated USPS Teams, Mailing Service Providers of all kinds, and ultimately the mailers.  This is not good business.

We are plugging away at getting you the changes you need as quickly as we possibly can.  With other possible USPS changes (such as the Standard Mail Rate Relief proposal), it looks like we will be busy just keeping up with required changes. 

Best wishes,