BOG Decides Against Any Rate Relief

The BOG met yesterday, and came back with a decision that does absolutely nothing to help Standard Mailers with rate relief, after dangling a carrot with possible rate relief.

Here is the official word from the DMM Advisory. Mailers are going to be very upset, and rightfully so. Although the proposal was not 100% workable in its’ original form, it could have been tweaked to make it easier to implement. It looks like the BOG just abandoned it, instead of working to refine it, and offer much-needed pricing breaks for Standard Mailers hit hard by the increases in May.

Governors Issue Decisions on Two Pricing Recommendations

At their meeting yesterday, the Governors accepted the Commission’s Recommended Decision regarding the pricing of Premium Stamped Stationery and Cards.

The Governors also resolved the uncertainty surrounding Standard Mail Regular and Nonprofit prices by choosing not to implement a temporary change to the prices that was the subject of the latest Commission Decision on Reconsideration. The Governors had asked the Commission to reconsider some of the prices that were originally recommended on February 26, 2007, and implemented on May 14, 2007. The current Standard Mail Regular and Nonprofit prices will remain in effect.

The Standard Mail issue represents the last of the three items returned to the Commission for reconsideration. On May 10, the Governors approved the Commission’s other two recommendations regarding the reconsideration of the price for the Priority Mail Flat Rate Box and the application of the nonmachinable surcharge for First-Class Mail letters. Those changes were implemented on May 14.

There is also a good article on this at DM News here: