DM News Article on Rate Relief Reaction

This article is an nformative breif on the reaction of mailer to the Board of Governor’s decsion to reject the PRC rate relief recommendations.  Although implementation would have been problematic, creative solutions could have been undertaken to mitigate the implementation barriers.  here’s an excerpt: 

Mailer’s React to USPS’s Veto on Rate Relief

The mailing community is disappointed that the Governors of the U.S. Postal Service failed to provide relief for the millions of commercial mailers who are being hit with massive, unplanned increases in postage costs.

The Postal Regulatory Commission’s “Second Opinion and Recommended Decision on Reconsideration,” issued May 25, established a transitional temporary rate reduction of 3 cents for all Standard Mail Regular flats and 2 cents for Standard Regular nonprofit flats. In a vote during the Board of Governors’ closed meeting on June 19, the Governors decided not to implement the temporary change.

“We are extremely disappointed and frustrated by the latest decision from the Postal Governors,” said Jerry Cerasale, the DMA’s senior vice president for government affairs. “After recognizing that the PRC’s original recommendations would have been detrimental to many of its commercial customers, the Governors asked the PRC to reconsider. And while DMA was not completely satisfied with the scope of the PRC’s revised recommendations and offered a practical and legal long-term solution in our June 4 comments to the USPS Board of Governors, we are even more unhappy today that the Governors have made a ‘do-nothing’ decision that offers no help at all for their mailing customers.”

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