Preparing and Labeling Low Volume Pallets

One of the industry workgroups that I participate on, MTAC Workgroup
#111 Identify Gaps & Define Solutions for Adoption of PostalOne! by Lettershops
and Mail Service Providers, has been successful in recommending to and getting approval
to change USPS policy and hopefully presort industry practices.

No standards available for preparing and labeling low volume (“courtesy”)
pallets. These pallets were not reflected in electronic mail communications such
as PostalOne! and FAST/Surface Visibility tacking.

Preparing and Labeling Low Volume Pallets June 2007 PS-327 (705.8.5.3)
This CSR discusses the preparation and labeling of low volume pallets. Scanning
pallet labels enables mailers and the Postal Service to track mail when it is received
at our processing facilities. Sacked and trayed mail not presented on pallets may
prove more difficult to track because there is no pallet label to scan. The Domestic
Mail Manual (DMM) states that pallets may contain a minimum of 100 pounds of nonletter-size
mail or 12 linear feet of letter trays if it is a BMC or ASF pallet entered at the
destination BMC or ASF; an ADC pallet entered at the destination ADC; an SCF pallet
entered at the destination SCF; or the only pallet entered at an individual destination
BMC or ASF, ADC, or SCF facility. When a mailer is transporting less than 12 linear
feet of trays or fewer than 100 pounds of sacks within a mailing to a destination
BMC/ASF, ADC, or SCF, the mailer may place this mail on a low volume BMC/ASF, ADC,
or SCF pallet respectively provided the mailer prints and attaches an appropriate
barcoded pallet label to each such pallet. This provision also applies to the last
Mixed BMC or Mixed ADC pallet within a mailing if it contains less than the minimum
required volume as long as all more finely presorted pallets have been prepared.
This variance from the minimum volumes stated in the DMM will facilitate efficient
tracking of the mail.

(Signed) Sharon Daniel
Manager Mailing Standards United States Postal Service
Washington DC 20260-3436

This USPS Customer Support Ruling is now posted and official at the ribbs site,

DMM section 705.8.5 will be updated. In the meantime, the CSR is the official word…

It has been a real pleasure working with MTAC WG #111, there is such a sense of
accomplishment to see good works like this get done and implemented! The opportunity
to meet and work with other industry representatives was an invaluable experience.

Best wishes to all,