New Beta versions of DAT-MAIL and Post Master containing the new 7/15/07 Periodical rates have been posted to the downloads page.  Rates and forms used are triggered by the statement (mailing) date used, as per usual.  The new Periodical rates are very complex, and contain numous changes and additions (such as the container charges).  Be sure to get updated and familiarize yourself with the new statements and reports.

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From today’s DMM Advisory, regarding guidelines on the transition period just before and after the July 15th implementation date for new Periodical rates:

In some cases Periodicals Outside-County mailings may be prepared using pre-July 15 software but entered on or after July 15, resulting in discrepancies in presort and reporting. Mailers may enter these mailings with the following discrepancies until July 29:

1. Periodicals documentation must include new bundle and container reports.

Mailers may request an exception to these reporting requirements from their local business mail entry manager. The mailer must make the request in writing and state that all containers and bundles are accurately reported and paid on their postage statement.

2. Required scheme preparation for automation-compatible (machinable) flats.

If mailings are prepared without the new required 5-digit and 3-digit scheme preparation, the mailer must pay the applicable rates for the actual number of bundles and containers prepared.

3. Outside-County firm bundles pay a separate per-piece rate and no longer count toward bundle and presort minimums.

When firm bundles are still counted toward bundle and presort minimums, we will accept the mailing if the firm bundles are claimed at the correct firm bundle piece rate.