BPM Mailers, Input Needed

This request came over via Postcom, any BPM mailers who would like to have input into future USPS BPM policy should contact Kathy at the email address listed below…

MTAC Workgroup 114, Establish Service Standards and Measurement, is seeking input from mailers of Bound Printed Matter (BPM) flats on the workgroup’s tentative recommendations for service standards. Under the proposal, BPM flats would have the same service standards as Standard Mail (both letters and flats). Some BPM flats mailers are needed to briefly review the proposal and provide feedback to the subgroup as to whether the proposed standards meet their business needs.

Any BPM flats mailers interested in reviewing the proposed service standards and providing feedback should contact Kathy Siviter (kathys@postalconsulting.com) as soon as possible.

Best wishes to all for a great week!