New Periodicals Mailing Standards

From thFrom the DMM Advisory newsletter yesterday, the new Periodicals Domestic Mail Manual revisions will be posted on Sunday. Periodicals preparation and pricing changes also take effect this Sunday.

Be sure to download and update your DAT-MAIL and Post Master software in order to access the new rates, statements, and reports required for Periodical Mailing. Next week will be an extemely busy one, be sure to use the trouble ticket support system when requesting tech support help – it will make things easier and go more smoothly for everyone.


The new Periodicals mailing standards effective on July 15, as well as all DMM revisions announced in the June 7, June 21, and July 5 Postal Bulletin will be available in the DMM on Postal Explorer ( on Sunday. We’ll also send a DMM Advisory early next week providing a summary of those changes.

Along with our previously published electronic tools to help you prepare for the new Periodicals prices, we have posted on the new 707 Series Periodicals Mail Quick Service Guides.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your local Post Office.