FAST for Periodicals

Periodical mailers, who in the past did not have to make a drop ship appointment, will now need to do so starting 9/4.  Periodical mailers need to register for FAST via PostalOne!, and obtain a drop ship scheduler code in order to use the FAST system.  Drop ship scheduledr codes will be mandatory for all Periodical mailers by the beginning of October, so it is prudent to act now. 

Periodicals mailers that come in to a drop ship facility without an appointment will be unloaded after any Periodicals that have come in with an appointment.  Additionally, Periodical drop shipments without an appointment will be entered as an unscheduled arrival, which counts against the mailer rating. 

DAT-MAIL and Post Master users can fill the appointment number in via Mail.dat, data entry, or by making their drop ship appointments directly through the web services FAST functionality included in the programs.

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