New 8125 and 8125C

New 8125 and 8125C forms are programmed and being tested now, and will be released shortly. Changes to be aware of:

pages 77-79 in the August 2 Postal Bulletin.
Block 15 on PS Form 8125 and Block 16 on PS Form 8125-C now require the SCF/ADC/BMC/ASF
designator and ZIP CodeTM from the DMM label list for the mailing presented. On PS Form 8125, the instructions for block 15 also reflect this information.

On both forms, block 28 now requires the facility name, address, city, state, and ZIP + 4® for the entry office as found in the Drop Ship product. This block also notes that appointments or shipments with 100% Periodicals can be presented whenever the destination facility is open and staffed.

Let me know if you have any questions,