Thoughts on This Week

If this past week at MTAC has signaled anything to me, it indicates that mailers need to educate themselves and keep abreast of the changes coming regarding Intelligent Mail. Although at times it seems like there are many more questions than answers (because frankly, there are), mailers need to act now, by taking steps to get informed. A must read is the Federal Register Notice, so that you can get your feedback in by the February deadline. Read the notice and some sample feedback here.

Although the mailer, vendor, and even some USPS insiders, are starting to be more vocal about the difficult tasks ahead, and how the January 2009 implementation date just may not be possible. It definitely will not be possible for some.

One of the key question remains rates. Will there be different rates and/or discounts between Basic Intelligent Mail and Full Service Intelligent Mail? These answers are critical in order for mailers to plan and prioritize.

A new push having to do with Origin Entry mail has also come up. The USPS is looking for further mailer handling and FAST appointment scheduling for Origin Entry Mail. The additional work sharing would place a burden on mail preparers, without any compensation. These issues are being hashed out. As far as the FAST appointments for Origin mail, mailers had better start to plan on how to handle that now, as it will be a requirement.

There are a lot of mailers, vendors, mail owners, and USPS folks working tremendously hard to make this all work. Get involved; attend PCC Educational events, and read, read, read!

Best wishes,

PS and I can’t believe I’m saying this (anyone that knows me, knows I am a die-hard Bears fan), but go Giants!