New Rates Cycle

One of the best things to happen as a result of Postal legislation is the new rate schedule.  Have an annual February announcement for a May implementation of rate changes will remove a lot of the total unpredictability as to when and what changes were to come.  It will make a lot of lives much easier around here, that is for sure!  Being able to coordinate and test in a more stable environment at a reasonable timeline will help us all to be successful.

Which reminds me, PLEASE – get your comments on the Federal Register notice in TODAY.  The last day they will be taking comments is Thursday, your comments are imperative – a speak-now-or-forever-hold-your-peace situation.  You can access the actual Federal Register notice, as well as some suggested feedback (and an easy, form-filler way to rpovide instant feedback!) here:
or you can email the Intelligent Mail Implementation team at the USPS directly at the eamil address below.  Whatever you do, get your feedback in.  Our voices together need to be heard.

Best wishes,

Intelligent Mail Feedback address: