USPS Responds to Intelligent Mail Feedback


The USPS published a PCC Insider communication this morning, in response to the Federal Register Advance notice feedback, which just closed out last week.  Here are the highlights:

  • Many of you told us that January 2009 was too soon. We will propose a May 2009 implementation, concurrent with our next annual price change.
  • We understand from you that many factors will drive the choice between the basic and full-service options. The May 2009 implementation will include separate prices for the full-service and basic option.
  • The Postnet Barcode will remain eligible for an automation price until May 2010. Those prices will be announced with the May 2009 change.
  • The proposal will include new options for mail owner identification.
  • We are removing the requirement for green color bars on the container label.

Your feedback made a huge difference!  By speaking up, we actually got the Postal Service to listen, and respond.  And their response indicates to me that the USPS is serious about doing Intelligent Mail right.  Kudos to everyone involved on both sides of this process!

Best wishes,