Bundles on Pallets

There has been a public notice posted by the USPS regarding a suggested rule that relates to current efficiency gains and future FSS (Flats Sequencing System) needs here.


Effective September 14, 2008, the USPS is proposing to require mailers to place presort bundles on pallets with the addresses facing up. Comments back to the USPS on this proposal are required no later than April 3, 2008. Mail or deliver written comments to the Manager, Mailing Standards, U.S. Postal Service, 475 L’Enfant Plaza, SW., Room 3436, Washington, DC 20260-3436. Do not submit comments via fax or e-mail.

Placement of presort bundles on pallets with the address side up is needed for efficient processing in today’s processing environment and, eventually, for the automated preparation and induction for FSS in the future.