Sometimes it seems that the only news revolving around MTAC happens at General Session time. The next General Sessions take place in late April, but there is a lot more to MTAC than the General Sessions! The Sessions are actually a meeting to recap the activities of the workgroups.

I participate in the following workgroups:

  • WG #117 Seamless Acceptance and Service Performance
  • #117 Subgroup – PostalOne! Web Services (industry co-chair)
  • #117 Subgroup – MLCOR
  • #117 Subgroup – Palletization for First Class and Origin Mail
  • #117 Subgroup – eDocs
  • WG #118 Software Certification for PostalOne! (industry co-chair)

Most of these groups listed above meet via telecon on a weekly basis. There is also a lot of activity in related areas. These groups are not official MTAC groups, but work vey closely with the MTAC groups:

  • TM (Transaction Messaging) Specification Business Group
  • Mail.dat Editorial Group
  • PostalOne! User Group

The groups represent all areas of the mailing industry, and come together to hammer out the specifications, guidelines, and business processes for mail. Companies invest a great deal of time and resources to contribute to this collective. Participation can be hard work, but also rewarding work.

If anyone has any questions about MTAC, and the work that takes place there, feel free to drop me a note or comment this blog,

Best wishes –