May 12 USPS Price Changes

Out with the rates, and in with the prices. 

The USPS no longer refers to postage “rates” – the buzzword now is “prices”.  Since prices will now be changing on an annual basis, the USPS has given their website pricing page a permanent home:
This is a valuable resource portal to bookmark for future reference.  Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom so you can see exactly how much info is present, and access the great links at the bottom of the page.  The old reliable Ratefold is now packaged as New Prices Notice 123. 

In addition to new prices, look for a new information box in the Mailer section of most of the Postage Statements – Move Update Method.  Mailers will be required to check off one of the options listed when filling out their statements. 

Window Book users, you have the unique benefit of being able to run two price lists simultaneously.  No worries about updating on Sunday, or only being able to process one set of prices at a time.  Mailers using DAT-MAIL or Post Master are able to control the rates simply with the mail date used.  Enter a mailing date on your statements as May 11 or prior-you will automatically get current prices.  enter a mailing date May 12 or after – new rates will be used.  Simple!

Take a look at the new statements, and let me know if you have any questions –
Best wishes,