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The USPS has posted some much-anticipated documentation in support of Intelligent Mail.  Go to the RIBBS Rapid Information Bulletin Board page here:
In the left navigation column, you can access the guides by clicking on the Intelligent Mail Barcodes link and scrolling down to the bottom to access the guides.  Access them directly here:

Posted right now are the following guides:

Guide to Electronic Documentation and Appointments for Full-Service Mailings

Go beyond PostalOne! Get answers to technical questions on the proposed full-service option implementation of Intelligent Mail barcodes. Find out what are the changes required to existing electronic documentation solutions needed to support mailings seeking full-service prices. Learn how to populate electronic documentation files and how to create or update electronic appointments to comply with the full-service option.

PostalOne! System Mail.dat Technical Guide for Full-Service

Mail.dat is an industry-defined database structure consisting of files linked by key fields. Learn how you can use Mail.dat to submit electronic information for full-service mailings.

Wizard Web Service Software Development Reference Guide

The Wizard Web Service (WWS) application enables secure electronic submission of mailing information to the Postal Service using eXtensible Markup Language (XML) messaging technology. Learn more about using WWS for communicating with the PostalOne! system for full-service.

Full Service FAST Web Services Technical Guide

Learn details on how to create appointments for Full-Service mailings using Web Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of frequently asked questions and answers pertaining to the Intelligent Mail barcode and the services it enables. Get the answers to why, how, and when the Intelligent Mail barcode should be used. Get an overview of the benefits and requirements of the Intelligent Mail barcode through the perspective of automation discounts, special services, basic and full-service options. Learn about the process of obtaining Mailer ID and the tools available to create and validate Intelligent Mail barcodes.

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