Reflections on NPF

Back today after exhibiting at National Postal Forum, which could have easily been called Intelligent Mail Questions Postal Forum.  Questions, many remaining unanswered, were many, almost all revolving around Intelligent Mail Implementation.

Things Mailers need to do RIGHT NOW:

Get a USPS Mailer ID!  Access all the info you need here.
Determine how you want to use your Mailer ID in order to maximize the benefits.

Plan for how to fulfill the Intelligent Mail barcode Container Label and Pallet Placard requirements. 

COMMENT on the Federal Register notice, and the new technical requirements and guides that have been published!  Last day for comments is May 30th – do not delay!  You can comment easily right from the Intelligent Mail Feedback Link from Postal Info menu on this page.  As was proven by the last IMB go around, your comments do count! 

Let me know if I can address any specific IMB implementation questions for you,

Best wishes,