Intelligent Mail® Barcode Encoder and Font Update

From an email communication from the USPS National Customer Support Center:

Release 2 (V1R2M0) of the Intelligent Mail barcode encoders has been posted on RIBBS at

The program code from the earlier Release 1 (V1R1M0) has not been changed; therefore, you do not have to download or install V1R2M0 if you have no issues with the current V1R1M0 level.  In the current release, the User Guides have been updated to correctly refer to the Intelligent Mail barcode name, and further describe the barcode fields.  The Java distribution now includes a package name for easier integration into existing applications and the Java samples have been improved for operation in multi-threading applications.

The following encoder packages are new in the current release:

  • HP-UX on Itanium
  • HP-UX on PA_RISC
  • Mac OS X on Power and Intel
  • Solaris on Intel
  • Solaris on SPARC

Release 3 (V1R3M0) of the Intelligent Mail fonts has also been posted on RIBBS at  This release provides new compact fonts which complement the existing standard-height fonts available in V1R2M0.  If you are already using an existing font successfully, it is not necessary to replace it with the new compact font.

The new compact fonts are designed for mailers who want to achieve overall barcode height close to the specification minimum of 0.125″.  The scalable TrueType and Postscript Type 1 compact fonts should be used at 14pt, as compared to 16pt for the standard-height fonts, to render compact Intelligent Mail barcodes with a height of 0.126″ and a length of 23.83 bars per inch.

The AFP, TrueType, and Postscript Type 1 compact fonts also include a fixed-width “space” character to improve compatibility with various products used for font management.  In addition, DCF is supported by the new AFP compact font.


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