Green Days

I’ve been reading and hearing more and more about companies and individuals getting involved with “green” initiatives, carbon footprints, and social responsibility.  One example is the new USPS Green Web Page here:
Visitors can access information about environmentally-friendly USPS products and packaging, and their innovative postage-paid recycling program.  The USPS site even has a calculator so you can figure out how much better for the environment it would be if you did Postal business online vs going to the Post Office.  At the recent National Postal Forum, green thinking and green initiatives were a big topic of interest, as indicated by some of the sessions as well as some of the products and advertising on the exhibit floor. 

That got me to thinking about my immediate world.  At WBI, one of the ways we do our part is by utilizing some terrific online collaboration and meeting systems.  We initially went that route because it was such a flexible and effective tool set, but cutting our carbon footprint is a great benefit as well, becoming more important every day.  Less travel, less consumption is a must for businesses today, and we are lucky to be well-established with a better alternative already.

How do you and your companies view the “greening” movement?  Is it just a trend, or are we finally coming around to recognize our responsibilities?  Let me know in the comments, on drop me a note if you would like a response (the comments are all anonymous).

Best wishes,